Kevin McLean lives and works in Birmingham, Alabama, surrounded by a community of artists and the urban remnants from a once booming steel industry.


He attended the College of Charleston studying both fine arts and ancient history. The school's highly talented instructors provided him with a thorough understanding of traditional techniques, while encouraging him to confidently experiment with different materials and processes.


In 2013, upon graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts with a minor in Classical Studies he secured a position as an artisan finisher with the Urban Electric Company. Located within an old naval warehouse, the factory's rugged interior heavily influenced his sense of style. The focus on innovation and quality control created an environment that fine-tuned his attention to detail and design.


Kevin draws on this union of experience and curiosity to continuously develop unique methods for self-expression and evolve as an artist.


The presence of hard edges, rough textures, and severe forms in his work are inspired by the aesthetic elements of industrial environments and ancient relics lending each piece a robust and timeless sense of style.